Name: Rex
Real name: Santo vom Haus Zieglmayer
Nickname: Beejay
TV appearances: Kommissar Rex
Starring: Gedeon Burkhard, Heinz Weixelbraun
Trainer: Teresa Ann Miller
Sire: Yago vom Wildsteiger Land
Dam: Otti v Haus Zieglmayer
Littermates: Soko, Sandie, Sambo, Syras, Sollo
Date of birth: January 1991
SV registered number: 1813770

Rex is one of the most sucessful German Shepherd Dogs in showbuisness. His originally Austrian police-series "Kommissar Rex" is now broadcasted just about all over Europe and elsewhere. According to the nationality his series are shown in, he is knows as "Rex, a cop's best friend", "Il commissario Rex", "Rex, chien flic" or whatever. Each edition was first watched by about 9 Million viewers and still more that half tuned in to the same edition a second time. Naturally so much stardome resulted in many rumours and hairbrained ideas, so let's keep away from these and stay with the real Rex!

Rex's real name is actuallly "Reginald vom Ravenhorst", only on stage is that his cvalling card. According to his pedigree his full name is Santo vom Haus Zieglmayer. His slightly lighter coloured brother Soko vom Haus Zieglmayer does the stunts and doubles Santo. All the acting and work involved in the filming would be too much for one dog. Alltogether there are at least 5 German Shepherd Dogs involved in the part. Santo and Soko were born in Nittendorf near Regensburg, Germany. Rex is trained and partly owned by Hollywood's professional trainer Teresa Ann Miller, who has already trained the very expressive and talented German Shepherd "Jerry Lee" for the detective film K9. Teresa's father Karl Miller is the proud trainer of some of our other starts like Saint Bernard "Beethoven" and little piglet "Babe".

Rex trained with Teresa for a while before he went off to Vienna for his first filming. There he lived with producer Peter Hajek. Rex was one and a half years old when he was chosen for the part in "Kommissar Rex". Especially his sound, curious, outgoing but very sensitive nature appealed to Teresa, who generelly calls Rex by the humousistic name "BeeJay". Rex, that is Santo, was a friendly chap who was very very sensitive. He was rather a miss at Schutzhund, too. But then again such a temperament is ideal for a film star who must be able to listen to the quietest of commands and react to wordless signals Teresa gives him.

Santo's and Soko's mother is Otti vom Haus Zieglmayer, who also shows the great pigment which is one of the factors that makes the two boys so attractive! (Not that less heavy pigmented dogs are less attractive!) Their father, Yago vom Wildsteiger Land, is a high quality sire by Eiko vom Kirschental and grandson of the famous Uran vom Wildsteiger Land. The litter was born in January 1991, so there's not long to go and Rex will be ten years old!

Of course, by now, a new Shepherd, the big and versatile Rhett Butler, has replaced them and is now filming alongside his TV master Gedeon Burkhard, who replaced Tobias Moretti in 1998 after four years of working alongside Santo and Soko.
Here's Rex's (Santo and Soko v Haus Zieglmayer's) pedigree with as many pictures as I have. If you have a picture of one of these dogs, why not send it to me so that this pedigree can be completed!

(Click on the dog's name to see its picture. I haven't yet got a picture of those dogs you can't click on...)


Santo, Soko vom Haus Zieglmayer

Yago vom Wildsteiger Land Eiko vom Kirschental Uran vom Wildsteiger Land Irk von Arminius
Palme vom Wildsteiger Land
Xitta vom Kirschental Lasso di Val Sole
Nimi vom Kirschental
Quina von Arminius Xaver von Arminius Lasso di Val Sole
Wilma von der Kisselschlucht
Palme vom Wildsteiger Land Nick von der Wienerau
Fina vom Badsee
Otti vom Haus Zieglmayer Enzo von der Burg Aliso Quando von Arminius Xaver von Arminius
Palme vom Wildsteiger Land
Christin von der Burg Aliso Jan von der Paderquellen
Zara vom Liborius Brunnen
Heddy vom Loher-Stein Elck vom Trienzbachtal Grando vom Patersweg
Ute vom Trienzbachtal
Xanta vom Loher-Stein Canto von Arminius
Jana vom Loher-Stein


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